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Wednesday, July 2, 2014


I have two big announcements for you guys! Well, more like three but one part of the announcement goes with the other. Anyway, let me start by saying that I thought I would never ever get to this point and that my stories would stay an eBook for the rest of my life. But i was wrong. Because now, not only is it an eBook, but it's a PAPERBACK as well.

A box of them came in just yesterday! And here's the other half of the 1st surprise:: the cover is different. I know I know, this is the third time this has happened. But I promise it is the last time. I seriously LOVE this cover and i will not be changing it for anyone. I hope you guys like it too!

You can buy the actual paperback from Amazon. It will be available on Barnes & Nobles very soon, but they have to do some fixing with it first. As soon as Barnes & Nobles is selling them, I'll make sure to tell you guys. So please go to Amazon website instead- they will definitely have it in stock. The book is not in stores yet. Be patient, I'm working on it.
The SECOND announcement is that I have a recorded interview about The Callous Catcher on
Youtube. It's my first interview and it's a special one because there is a giveaway at the end. If you have not yet watched the video, here's the link:

If you have watched the video and your here to comment about wanting in on the giveaway, please comment below, leaving your full name and email for a way to contact you. THANKS!


  1. Love this book. I read it as an book. Keep it up girl. You have a bright future ahead of you. I would love a signed copy.

  2. That was supposed to be I read it as an ebook