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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Slow-motion Sunday

Sunday afternoon, sleeping cat, set up notebook, sitting computer, still getting nothing productive done. Update on progress is that I've now gone into my third composition notebook (for those of you who don't know, I enjoy writing down the story before typing it up...I know...twice the work...I can't help it). Also, the sneak peak of The Ruthless Race at the end of The Callous Catcher is officially uploaded and is the new edition for us and all.
Just want you to know I have not forgotten about my fans and I'm trying to write as fast as possible. I really appreciate all the positive comments and feedback on my first & second novel!! Soon I'm going to be doing more advertising and host another giveaway on Goodreads. At the meantime, I'm, uh, broke.....yup.
Btw, here's the top five songs that I have been currently obsessed with:

 As We Watch the Burning Embers Fall Gently to the Ground- Future Heroes
I'm Born to Run- American Authors
Magic- Jauz & Marshmellow
Hot Blood- Kaleo
Sexual- Neiked