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Wednesday, September 28, 2016


Hey, guys! I'm doing some more work on The Gifted Series. I'm working on getting a sneak peak of the third book at the back of the second book very soon, and before the third book even releases! How awesome is that! Stay tuned, there should be a new edition of The Ruthless Race with a sneak peak of The Toxic Thread real soon!

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Book Cover Reveal!!

Yay!! I'm so excited to present to you the cover for The Toxic Thread, the third book in The Gifted series!! I love it soooo much.
The book will be out in 2017. Thank you to all of my fans. I cannot wait for you all to read the third novel!

Monday, September 12, 2016

I've Made A Decision

It's a late post, but I didn't want to wait till tomorrow to share my news. I've chosen the title for the third book in The Gifted Series!! It was between The Savage Self and The Toxic Thread. I had my own personal favorite but I wanted to know what everyone else thought. So after hearing everyone's opinions, the third book is going to be called....
The Toxic Thread!!
Yay! This title I really liked and I'm so happy many other people agreed with me as well.

Also, there's a second BIG NEWS and it's that the cover for the third book, now officially called The Toxic Thread, has been created. It has yet to be uploaded anywhere, so I'll be showing it some time very soon.
Stay tuned!!

And my new fave top five songs::
Blood In The Cut- K. Flay
Grave Digger- Matt Maeson
Man On Fire- Earl St. Clair
1000 Nights- Frenship
The Fall- Cryptex