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Friday, July 25, 2014


               The Good Sister
           by Wendy Corsi Staub

The Good Sister is about a gentle mother named Jen Archer that had dreamt that her oldest daughter Carley would be amazing at the school she used to attend when she was her daughter's age: Sacred Sister's Catholic girl's school. That dream didn't come true as her daughter is stuck in a bullied environment.
But Jen Archer doesn't realize that Carley isn't 100% alone. She's been chatting to an online person identified as "Angel". And she tells Angel everything, including the death of her past best friend. Carley trusts Angel. Maybe a little too much.
When another student is murdered, Jen begins to worry. The deaths are too coincidental, too close to a past memory. And everything tells her that her daughter, Carley, might be next to lose her life. Someone out there is hunting down the guilty. Teaching them how to fear and how to die.

Let me just start off by saying that this book was very slow in the beginning. Not that the scenes were drawn out too long, but more like nothing was happening. And when something DID start to happen, I felt the scene wasn't written well. There could've been stronger suspense and better reactions/behaviors from the characters.

BUT all was forgiven when I discovered what was really going on and who the killer was and the WHY. The why was what surprised me. I believe the reason for the kills and the "villain" was crafted perfectly. I had no idea! And I hate having no idea but it was a great surprise. I was so wrong on discovering the mystery that it told me I need to get back to reading my Nancy Drew novels. Some people said it was like the book/movie Carrrie. I wasn't able to disagree or agree because I haven't seen nor read it. But by watching the commercials, i think it has more depth or more secrets than Carrie. But I wouldn't really know.

So this book isn't on fire but it did spark a flame. Especially at the end!

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