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Friday, August 18, 2017

Book Haul #3

I was running low on books, so naturally, I went to a used bookstore to buy more. Money well spent.

You have no idea how excited I was to find Library of Souls by Ransom Riggs at a used bookstore and in PERFECT condition. It literally seemed brand new for HALF the price. I almost danced with joy. Since I finished the last book with it's semi-cliffhanger, I've been dying to read how the story ends. Can't wait to find out!

I also found The Undead Kama Sutra and Jailbait Zombie by Mario Acevedo. These are the third and fourth book to his series, Felix Gomez. Besides how awesome his covers are, the stories and characters are pretty amazing and addicting. The moment I saw these two books hanging out on the bookshelf, I didn't even think twice about picking them up. And with the price, it was basically a two for one.

I always tell myself to NOT start a new series until I finish reading my current series...I never listen to myself. Against my bookshelf's better judgement, I bought the two books I Hunt Killers (Jasper Dent, #1) by Barry Lyga and Leviathan (Leviathan, #1) by Scott Westerfeld. These series are kind of old, being released back in 2012 and 2009, but they've been on my Goodreads' To Read shelf since I've joined Goodreads. I Hunt Killers is about having a father who kills people-- Yes Please! And I've never read anything of Scott Westerfeld, but people seem to love him, so I want to join that bandwagon, not forgetting that there's also four other series of his I want to read. And the best thing about reading old series: all the books are already out, so you don't have to sit around waiting for the author to get to it!

Now that I have two jobs and college is starting back up, I may not have much time to read.....HAHAHAHA. Screw working and learning. Nothing is going to stop me from reading.

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