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Saturday, October 3, 2015


An excerpt from The Ruthless Race, release date 10/15/2015::

I tell myself to calm down. My muscles are still constricted and my gut is begging to release itself, to satisfy the temptation to hide. I take deep breathes and block out the sounds of kissing and pay attention to myself. The pain deep inside my stomach resembles the type of ache when I’m starving. But I know my tense stomach is not asking for food. It is asking me to give in to the unnatural part of me. The part that makes me very different.

I unclench my hands and relax every bone in my body. The gut feeling grows stronger. An overwhelming rush drifts over me and there’s a click in my stomach. The sensation lasts no more than four seconds and I drop my gaze to my arms and legs.

My figure shivers, like a light bulb in its last stand, taking its last breath before it completely douses out. My body blinks in and out of view and my senses feel scrambled. After a moment, I’m gone and all that’s left is the breath from my mouth and the feeling of the wall up against my back.

I have vanished.

I am invisible.

The Ruthless Race will be available as an eBook & paperback on Amazon & Barnes & Nobles on October 15. STAY TUNED FOR MORE SNEAK PEAKS!!

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