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Saturday, July 27, 2013


Ever been told in class to write an essay about a very hard (or just stupid) topic? Like why you should have chores or why wearing shorts too short is a distraction in class. Well, brainstorming on writing a new book, is harder. Because your all alone and you can't really ask for help because its YOUR story. So I literally brainstormed for better ways to brainstorm. I found three things that got my mind working in the right direction.
1. I like the noise, but not like a crying baby in the next room or spongebob on the TV. So I popped in my earphones and Imagine Dragons and Florence & the Machine blasted into my ears.
2. I always get thirsty when brainstorming as if using my brain so hard dehydrates me. Water works great sometimes but I think sweeter (or even a little sour) is a lot better. So I drink lemonade or tea with A LOT of sugar.
3. Scenery is a big deal for me. Sometimes all the people is helpful. Other times, I just really want to be alone. And I find that when I'm planning an action or extremely important fighting scene, I like when people are moving around me. Don't ask me why, it just gets my pen moving faster. But when I'm writing something soft and sweet, or maybe a very fragile secret that's about to be untold, I want to be somewhere where I cannot get distracted. I don't even want a bird to flap it's wings past me. So I either lock myself in my room or hide outside.
These three tips are helpful. Brainstorming sucks, like a lot, but I can't do anything without it.

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